Ten Great Reasons to Attend EdCampDubC

Here are ten great reasons to attend EdCampDubC! If you know of one we missed, please comment with it!

10. YOU are in charge of setting the agenda!

9.  Learn from and with others with a passion for education!

8.  Lots of great door prizes!

7.  It’s FREE!

6.  You’ve never played Super Mario Bros on a large screen with a Play-Doh controller before!

5. Administrators, currently-serving educators, and pre-service teachers all learning from each other!

4. First known edCamp with an on-site art exhibit, the David and June Harcum Art Gallery!

3. Rumor has it that immediately following edCampDubC, there will be a “CraftEdu” meetup at the General Denver Hotel and Grille!

2. Bring your own device(s) is encouraged, and No Tests!

1. A beautiful setting, on a beautiful campus, during a beautiful time to be in Southwestern Ohio!



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